We are indebted to the craftsmen, musicians and clients with whom we have worked. Without their hard work, criticism, and encouragement none of this would be possible.

Our special thanks to the following people who have helped us immeasurably.

Tamara Albrecht
David Arcus
Mark Ball
Stuart Bellows
Elisa Bickers
Lynn Edwards Butler
John Brock
Chris Buhr
Stephan Casurella
James Christie
Andres Calleja Cruz
Robert Clark
Fenner Douglas
Gene Featherstone
Grigg Fountain
Karla Fowkes
Deborah Friauff
Judy & Dwain Glass
Brent & Marilyn Hylton
Balint Karosi
Barbara Luhn
Joel Martinson
Mark Meyer
Jonathan Moyer
Robert Parris
John Porter
William Porter
Stephen Rapp
Christa Rakich
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra
Joseph Ripka
Michael Roush
Richard Schulze
Susan Tattershall
Mark Trautman
Peter Van Eenam
Simon Williams

…and a final thank you to our colleagues here and abroad for their help in advancing the art of organ building.