October 24, 2008
New website!

Almost eight years after our first website the new one is finally up. There are many additional pages and areas coming soon, but I wanted this to be available now.

The overall website was designed in Adobe Dreamweaver with Photoshop, Fireworks, and BBedit working in the background. Fully 80% of the site is hand coded—a sign of my Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, also the driving force behind much of our organ building. The site is a combination of XHTML, CSS, php, Flash, javascript, and MySQL. There are a couple issues with Internet Explorer 6 and I dropped support entirely for older browsers. It is just too much trouble tracing down problems in each version of Internet Explorer and adding more hacks to the code. The best recommendation: Use Safari or Firefox. They are both free, both available on the two main platforms, and both are largely standards based.

Over the next weeks there will be many additions to the slideshows, and additional pages including more information on our general philosophy of organ building and technical details and drawings. Come back to visit soon—and frequently!

December 27, 2009 Update

All of the slideshows now work on the iPhone. I figured since you couldn't pry my iPhone from my dead fingers I might as well make them work. Lot of code cleanup and more php code to simplify the individual pages. I've also dropped most of the gucky support for Internet Explorer 6. Get a good browser instead. Fun fun!