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December 8, 2019
Opus 24 Open House

We invite everyone to an open house at our shop for our Opus 24 for Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinatti. This organ represents two and a half years construction time in our shop and is the largest instrument we have built.


Fall 2019

Autumn is here and for many it marks the transition from summer holidays to the beginning of the school year. We at Richards, Fowkes & Co. are anticipating the arrival of cooler temperatures and opening the doors and windows for an al fresco workshop as we push toward the completion of our largest organ to date for Christ Church Episcopal, Cincinnati OH, our Opus 24.

While the current project has a nearly identical disposition and footprint to our Opus 22 in Kansas City, the white oak casework is nearly 12 feet taller, the center tower being taller than our erecting room. This allows for an enclosed Positive division above the console for choral work, a generous Great front and center, and an elevated Swell behind. The ample height of the church sanctuary meant we could design the major sections of the instrument to the tested acoustics of the room. We thoroughly examined the height and placement of the elements and then looked to Art Deco skyscrapers for massing and details that emphasize lightness and verticality of the organ within the space. The black backgrounds and blond maple elements articulate and streamline richly stained white oak of the cantilevered pedal towers and forward-angled center section to unify the Deco concept as a coherent vision. Click here for full details and stop list.

The second photo is of our completed Opus 23 in Stonington, CT. The handsome warm case is inspired by extant American organs of the 1840’s. Click here for full details and stop list. Thanks to Christopher Greenleaf for the professional photo.

Our shop has also experienced a few departures and arrivals along the way; welcoming Alex Haas and Nathan Govig, who come to us via the Chattanooga Woodworking Academy, Rick Mcusic’s move to full time, and the addition of our newest apprentice Jacob Barger.

Please be sure to friend us on Facebook and keep up to date with more of the day-to-day activities of the shop as well as an upcoming open house for the instrument being assembled (date TBA).

Be sure to friend us on Facebook and keep up to date with more of the day-to-day activity in the shop.

March 2016

After a reasonably mild winter the Tennessee River Valley has ushered in an early spring with blossoms, flowers, and trees in full bloom. This week delivered the first temperatures above 80 degrees.

We have continued to enjoy the additional space of our new expanded shop. The flexibility and breathing room has proven very helpful in enhancing the workflow in each area of the shop. With a 59 stop organ underway the additional space has made our biggest project to date much more manageable and efficient.

The work on Op. 22 is going very well. We are currently preparing the case for painting and finishing while the key and stop action are moving forward. The pipework is complete so we’re in the final push to prepare the instrument for delivery to Village Presbyterian in early summer.

Some work has also begun on Op. 23, our next project for Calvary Church in Stonington, CT. We look forward to the challenge of a smaller instrument which we hope to deliver in early 2017.

Over the winter we were successful in adding a couple of new craftsmen to our workforce. We would like to welcome Jordan Schilleman, a trained and seasoned woodworker. He already looks and acts likes he has been a part of the team for many years. Derrick Phillips has also recently joined the staff and is also a talented woodworker with expertise in finishes as well. Both of these gentlemen hit the ground running and are making an immediate and valuable contribution to the company. The expanded shop has allowed us to continue to grow the staff. We continue to recruit additional craftsmen to join the crew at Richards, Fowkes & Co.

Be sure to friend us on Facebook and keep up to date with more of the day-to-day activity in the shop.

New recordings…

Rcently, there have been three new releases of recordings on our instruments. Thanks to each of the artist for their contributions to the discography of our organs. The links to each of the recordings are listed below.

Opus 18

A special thanks to Simon Thomas Jacobs for his recording on the organ at St George’s, Hanover Square, London. The recording and the instrument are garnering some great reviews!

Opus 18

Opus 21